Saturday, September 8, 2007

Remember This?

The other day I realized the Fabric of Life quilts are due next month (now that it's September!). After a moment of panic I dug out the top, my notes, and the pile of fabrics I was working with at the time. I wasn't feeling particularly energetic at the time so I put aside the idea of free piecing blocks to go at the top and bottom of the panel and just cut my mask print into strips. It took some doing to preserve the slant on the bottom edge and still please the eye with a level top line but I think I managed it. (Although it makes it look like I took this picture at an angle to the design wall rather than directly in front of it.)

I hated trimming off the orange/purple/white/green stripe at the top and bottom edges but it was the only way to make the masks look like they belonged with the medallion. I'm pretty sure this is the end of piecing the top. The indigo will be used to bind the quilt. What I'm struggling with now is how to quilt and/or embellish the piece. There are lots of things I'd like to do; I just have to decide what is most appropriate for this piece. (And what I can reasonably accomplish before the due date!)
UPDATE: The due date for the Fabric of Life quilts has been pushed back to early December - whew!
These quilts will be displayed and then sold to support the Here Je Center in Mali, West Africa where young girls are given skills and education that will help them generate income and become micro-entrepeneurs. The two fabrics in the center of my quilt were made by the young ladies at the Center.


  1. I hate deadlines, and yet that's often the way I get things done myself. Don't go over the top, just stick to something simple to quilt. It doesn't need a lot of fussiness.

  2. Hi Sue, boy, oh boy, you've got yourself up against the wall with this one...but ya know? I'm absolutely sure YOU can DO IT!!!
    The colors are gorgeous, and I like the idea you are working with...just dig in! Hugs, Finn
    P.S. got your blocks from before up on the train today...finally!

  3. Your 2 granddaughters are adorable. What is fabric of life? I like yours, whatever it is for!


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