Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Woohoo! My pictures loaded! I've been trying for two days to get back on and show you what I've been doing. First, a picture of the quilted and bound Orphan Train quilt:

(not that you can see either the quilting or the dark red binding with the way I've cropped it !)
And a picture of the quilt made by another member of my local guild that I put the binding on:

When I'd finished these quilts on Saturday I played around in my Halloween fabrics until I came up with a palette I liked. I didn't feel particularly like making a specific pattern or block so I just cut 8" squares, paired 'em up, cut through both layers and swapped out alternate pieces. (This technique is described in more detail in books by Jan Mullen, Sandi Cummings, and probably others.) I only made 12 blocks and was pretty happy with this arrangement:

The next morning, however, I was reluctant to sew them together. The chemical exposure the previous day hadn't worn off completely and I just didn't trust my judgement yet. So I ignored the whole project for the day. Monday morning I felt better than I had in days. It was great! I decided to make some more blocks using the same fabrics and see what might develop. One thing that developed was a change in the way I cut and sewed the blocks. In the end I'm not sure it was a change for the better but it did give me one block with the bigger pop of lime I wanted for the quilt.

But I also had six blocks left over! Yeah, there's a ton of things I could do with them, including saving them for a Halloween orphan quilt, but they seemed to work together as is:

Today I sewed both sets of blocks together so now I have a doll quilt that will measure about 16" x 22" and a mini doll quilt that will measure about 11" x 16". Unless I decide to do something more to the little one...


  1. Great job on getting the orphan blocks quilted and bound. And a second one bound also..!!
    I love the "BOO" play time, and I think that second offering with the additional pop of lime is just perfect! Keep having fun, Hugs, Finn

  2. Lots of fun! And the mini-doll quilt (um, seems weird to ty9pe that) may just be crying out for some embelishments and beads. I love the Jan Mullen techniques -- lots of fun to use!

  3. Jeez, these are wild! I could aee one of these on Wednesday or Pugsley Adam's beds!


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