Wednesday, September 5, 2007


DGD#2 has arrived!

But not without some drama!

DD labored for 7 hours on Monday but then contractions stopped and she had a decent night's rest. DSIL, on the other hand, had to be on the job until four in the morning (Tuesday morning). Three hours later he was awakened by DD and told to call labor & delivery at the hospital to give them a head's up. They probably should have gone to the hospital right then but they didn't want to leave too early like they did the first time around. Three hours later DD was on the floor in the living room screaming, "I have to push!" Fortunately her SIL is a birth coach and was staying with them. Michelle got out the potty pads and towels, DSIL dialed for emergency help, and Susan Marie was born at 10:17. There was a cadre of military police guarding the premises (DSIL is in the Navy), a firefighter actually caught the baby, and the EMT's took mother and daughter to the hospital to recuperate.

Baby weighed in at six pounds, 12 ounces, and measured 20.5" long.

Big sister had been staying with her other grandmother and saw an older cousin off on her first day of third grade. She was a little tired when she arrived at the hospital, being only 2.5 and overdue for a nap. When she saw her mom she asked, "Mommy have baby?" That was confirmed and she was asked if she knew what the baby's name was. She promptly replied, "Baby Susan." Absolutely right! She wasn't thrilled at having to leave her mommy in the hospital but, all things considered, handled everything well.

Grandma Sue got to spend the day at the hospital with DD and DGD :- ) And I didn't even have to wear my mask as long as I stayed in the room DD had all to herself!


  1. Thanks for sharing pictures!! We are very grateful all is well. Give our love to the family and kiss that baby for me!

  2. Congrats! What a sweetie pie. Look at all that hair. Thank goodness your daughter had all that help there with her.

  3. congratulations on your new granddaughter! what a dear heart!

  4. Hi Sue, congratulations!! What a beautiful baby Susan is!! And I can see she joins a family of beautiful women..*VBS* Love the pic of you holding her as well as the DD and DGD pic!
    That little sweetie will need a 'special delivery' page in her baby book...LOL. So happy that everything turned out ok!
    Love the 4 X 6 play you've begun, it does look satifying as well as really a carefree fun thing to do!
    And the July Journal quilt is wonderful! Great job! Hugs, Finn

    Congratulations to Grandma Sue and her namesake, Susan *VBS* Big hugs!

  5. Congrats! She's precious!!!!! And what a story to be able to tell her about her birth!

  6. Wow! Congratulations!!! If there is a "next time" she had better not delay in getting to the hospital. What a precious bundle of joy.


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