Saturday, October 22, 2022

Scrap Happy Follow-up

 I meant to post this sooner, but we've had very poor air quality around here for the past week. It's been so bad that even inside I had to wear a mask. Drift from wildfire smoke, coming from nearly every direction. I brought a small air purifier into the studio and stayed in there as much as possible. That helped, but I still didn't have it in me to accomplish much. We finally had some rain the last two days and things have improved significantly. On the other hand, I've been forced to purchase a new iron and the fumes coming off the first use are not doing me any favors. 

In my last post I showed the quilt top I created from scrap strips. 

A three inch border has put a calming frame around the busy flimsy.

I'm very pleased with the way this turned out. It will be about 60" wide and 78" long after quilting. Now I just have to create a back for it...


  1. Lovely green strips, and the border makes is a super size. . So sorry about the pollution,hope the rain continues to clean the air.

  2. It turned out beautifully (that border made such a difference). I would use that super-scrappy quilt every evening in my recliner!

  3. Yes, the darker border was the perfect way to contain all that exuberance. What a great scrappy result!

  4. Gorgeous quilt. Hope the wildfires have abated and the air quality has improved for you and your community.


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