Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Almost Out of Dry Dock

 Apologies to those of my readers who must now search me out because I couldn't bring myself to transfer you over to another feed relay. I suspect I will be the one who suffers the most actually, with a drop in readership. Not that it was all that large to begin with! 

Our temperatures have come down roughly twenty degrees from the excessive heat we had a week or so ago. They're still high enough to sap my energy in the late afternoons and evenings. Thank goodness for air conditioning! And we've been blessed to have a consistent supply of electricity, which is crucial for any level of my well being. Our neighbors put on a larger fireworks display this year than the last two years. The air con helps to filter out the particulates leftover from all those explosions as well as keeping us cooler. 

I've managed to make some progress on my fleet of scrappy ships in spite of everything. I didn't want to set the ships in a straightforward grid but it did take some mental gymnastics to figure my way around it. 

Of course I didn't think to take many pictures along the way. I cut some 2" wide strips and some 2.5" wide, and made more flying geese units and then messed around to see what would develop. Most of it went together smoothly but there are a couple of spots that are not up to my regular construction standards. Not that the recipient will notice (hopefully!).

I've just surrounded the whole thing with two additional inches of the blue paisley print. 

This will now finish at about 50" wide x 61" high. I'm hoping I have enough of the blue to make the binding as well. Not quite sure what I will do about a back at this point. As far as I know there's no particular hurry to get this done so I may try to piece up some older yardage for that purpose. I will be glad to return to brighter colors one way or another. It has been a struggle to keep working on this project. I find all those grayed tones a bit depressing.

One of these days I need to bring you up to date on my ATC's for the #52tagshannemade project. I've stayed current with the exception of the week needle tatting was the prompt. I have every intention of learning that technique, I just have to wait for the right time according to my body's needs. ­čśĆ


  1. I saw the ships go sailing by, lots more than the original three, this is a superb layout and the blue border is just right. Stay cool if you can, I see the heat wave over on the west coast is life threatening, for those older people without an air con unit, too much to cope with.

  2. Sorry if the grays made you struggle - the results are absolutely wonderful!!! (and I've signed up for your new email subscription).

  3. Oh, that heat must be hideous. I'm glad to be back in England's temperate climate.
    I love those ships. I'm making little quilts for a children's charity now and these would be just right for a small child - I'll have a look at the patter and decide whether I can cope with all those points.


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