Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Scrap Happy in July

 It's been too hot to do any patchwork. The excessive heat has passed - for the time being - but it's still too warm for me in my studio space most of the time. I have determined a plan for making a back for the scrappy Ships quilt in the previous post at least. Until it cools off a bit further however, patchwork is on hold. Instead I have turned to working with needle and thread in hand. 

You may remember that I've shown some of the ATC's I've made in response to the #52tagshannemade project on IG. There are more I haven't shown here yet. And most of the participants are following Anne's lead, mounting their creations on kraft tags. I'm happy with my ATC format for that project so I'm sticking with it. But I've been watching paper crafters on YouTube a lot lately and they are having an influence. I finally decided to try some little textile collages that would fit onto manila shipping tags I happen to have in my stash. And by little I mean 2" wide by 4" long. So the scraps that I stitch onto my cotton batting to make up the foundation are pretty small! This is the first one I made:

And a couple of close-up shots:

I made that one with someone in mind and sent it away so I did my best to make another one along similar lines. It really isn't anything like the first one! I find it impossible to make the exact same thing twice.

Today I completed this tag:


I have a feeling there will be more of these. 😁

Scrap Happy Day is hosted by Kate and Gun on the 15th of each month. Anyone is welcome to participate, using any scrap material they choose. (Granted, my charms are not scraps but they have been in my stash quite a while and need to be put to some kind of use!) We're welcoming Debbierose to the circle this month. Not everyone in the list will necessarily have a scrappy post to share but their blogs are worth visiting at any time. 😊

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  1. So cool, and great inspiration. Thank you.

  2. I love this idea of combining ATC pieces with the shipping tags (which I have a big box full of). The reinforced hole would let me keep them on a large binder ring . . . adding this to my squirrel folder!

  3. I really like these tags - I can imagine them enhancing a gift no end,

  4. so detailed for something so small, they are beautiful and would look lovely on a gift - actually a gift themselves.

  5. ATCs are a wondersul creative way to spread your wings and experiment with scraps. Love the idea, they are on my ever growing list of to do's. Also thanks for the warm welcome

  6. As I´m also doing these tags, I know how hard it is to make something that small. Your tags are so beautiful!


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