Monday, May 24, 2021

Another Case for the Books

 Some time ago I picked up a Stitch & Zip kit that's a duplicate of one I'd stitched previously.

Ha! I see that even back then I didn't follow the design as indicated. In fact, I might have handled parts of it better that time than I did in this newer version.

Which makes me wonder if I've ever stitched this the way it was designed! I used hand dyed floss this time around. It's possible I did that the last time too but the variations in the floss are more pronounced in this version. I'm pretty sure I had more trouble stitching the black lines this time than two or three years ago when I made the first case. I had to put a sketchbook open to a blank page on my lap to highlight the unstitched areas to finish this one up. 

Now I am left with two blank-faced cases to stitch. One is this smaller size, perfect for credit cards, business cards, and coins. The larger case is the size of a typical cosmetic bag. That's the one I've been fussing over what design to use. I won't be able to avoid making that decision very much longer!


  1. I've never seen them before... they look very cute! And following the design is over-rated, yours look great :) xx


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