Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Three Little Quilts All in a Row

 The first of the three baby quilts I've committed to making is off the long-arm and ready to be bound. 

This is was taken when it was in the flimsy state.

I've just added borders and made the back for the second baby quilt:

I was finally able to utilize a few prints I'd had in my stash since my daughter was little in the crazy blocks. The border is a brand new print from the Anne of Green Gables line. I didn't know those prints existed until I went looking for something to use for this border treatment. The colors blend better with the colors in the body of the quilt top in person than it shows in the photograph. I have fallen completely in love with this particular print in this colorway and have tracked down additional yardage to use in future. How, I don't yet know. All I knew was that I had to have more of it! 

The third baby quilt will be built around this panel:

 The panel will be trimmed only slightly. No doubt it will still be a bit off-kilter. That's the way of panels most of the time. Hopefully I'll be able to manipulate it into shape down the road. It's also much larger than I realized it would be (it was an online purchase). Right now the plan is to make sawtooth or variable star blocks to surround the panel. That will bring it up to the 48" x 60" range all three of these quilts fall within. I already have a flannel to use for the back in an allover Mickey Mouse print. Just need to get busy making stars!


  1. Love the panel, the stars and the centre one, these will be making a little person so cosy and happy. Do you have your own long arm machine or does a friend? or someone else quilt them? The panel, you could always frame it with the sashings made to fit it to a rectangle , it would look fine if they were all slightly narrower or wider in places. I don't know why some panels are skew, maybe when they are printed, and I guess they are done in multiples across the width.

  2. Super baby quilt ideas. Love the way you combined sheep, clouds, grass and stars for the first one. So unusual and pretty.

  3. The sheep and fluffy clouds is my favourite but I'm sure they'll be three very happy babies (and parents) soon.

  4. I adore that second baby quilt in the making and who doesn't love blue skies/adorable sheep and Mickey/Minnie Mouse. These will be three winners for sure.


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