Monday, November 2, 2020

Up in the Air

 I've finally put the border on Return of the Swans to bring it up to official twin size.

The green is not as close a match as I hoped/expected but it will do. I thought I would back this with a black tone on tone but couldn't find anything I liked well enough for the money I was willing to spend. Settled on a very nice purple instead. If I have enough of the lime greens for the binding it will look spectacular against the purple. 😁

I've started another set of blocks out of older prints from my stash too.

These are twelve inch Tessellating Stars, a popular block for friendship requests in my local quilt guild. It was just such an request that inspired this new endeavor. Of course, now that I've committed to this color palette it's looking like I won't have enough of that particular green for 30 blocks. I'll figure something out - eventually. 

More scrap blocks are being created between seams. I might be building a new quilt out of the Parts Dept. soon. 😉


  1. That is stunning. I can only grope for my sunglasses at the idea of lime green against the purple backing; it will, as you say, be spectacular! Following on from your last post, you'll be entertained to learn that I went diving in my sewing room rubbish for all those triangles trimmed from the corners of my Ribbon Stars. I have no ideal what to do with them, but they are currently looking very pretty in an antique black and gold lacquered papier mâché bowl...

  2. I really love your lime green swans quilt - even though it wouldn't go with anything in my house.

  3. Lime Green and Purple are fabulous together -- good for you!!


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