Sunday, November 15, 2020

A Scrap Happy Stitch Along

Scrap Happy Day falls on the 15th of every month, hosted by Kate in Australia and Gun in Sweden. In the Stitch Along that Avis administrates we check in with our progress every three weeks. Once in a while those events fall on the very same day, as is the case today. So let's see, where to begin? 

I completed the background of the needlepoint canvas I showed in my last SAL post.

Now I have to decide whether to lay some cobweb stitches in the upper corners on top of the purple or not. I like the idea. And someone suggested I add a spider at the end of a cobweb thread. I also like that idea a lot. I probably have appropriate thread if only I would look for it. It's just a matter of making the decision to take action. There's plenty of time between now and next Halloween, perfect for procrastinating. 😉

In terms of putting my scraps to good use for Scrap Happy Day, I've made these 6" Sticks blocks...

And these 8" stars.

They go into my collection of orphan blocks in the Parts Department until I have the creative energy to build a quilt out of them. 

Now, to combine Scrap Happy and a new project for the SAL I give you my 12 Pages of Christmas book project. This is being hosted by Anne Brooke on Instagram (hannemadebyanne, #sew4thesoul12pagesofchristmas). This will be a brief project for the SAL because it's meant to wrap up prior to Christmas. The idea is to find a tin for your book to live in when it's completed and then make a fabric book to fit in the tin. I chose this Reed's ginger candies tin, which is about 4" square. It was practically the only tin in my collection that didn't already have something in it!

Because this is such a small project in size I will be using scrap bits exclusively. The prompt for the first page was to cut three circles in graduated sizes and play with our favorite stitches. Below is my first page and the book's signatures stitched together.

Page two was to include a cluster of French knots, a running stitch grid of some kind, and groups of three stitches somewhere within the grid. My groups of three stitches are fly stitches.

Not the best picture in terms of color representation but it's what I've got. As we make these little collages they get stitched to a page in the book. Anne is using a piece of a cutter quilt for the cover of her book. I haven't decided yet what I will do for a cover.

The third prompt was to weave strips of fabric and/or trims into a foundation, secure them with stitching, and add three buttons.

This project is perfect for using some of the strips I've saved that are not 1.5" wide (the smallest size I generally piece with) but seem too big to throw away. This weaving was a bit fiddly for my taste but I do enjoy playing with my needle and threads. 😊

Now for the links. The other stitchers in this SAL can be reached through these links:


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And the links for the bloggers using their scrap materials (not all of them fabric and thread!) are below: 

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  1. How do you manage to keep so many projects on track? All lovely too!!

  2. Lots of variety and interesting stitching! Every time I see those stars, I think about making some. I hope to get my life organized into a routine when I get home and start the new year with finishing the unfinished from this year. I'm sure I'll need another leader-ender project ... maybe those stars!

  3. Your Parts Department must be epic! I wonder how many unassembled quilts you have in there, just waiting for need to call them into life. Beautiful work on all three projects, as always.

  4. love the book in a tin and your stitching, great idea. I'm off to look for a tin!

  5. well done on your hallowe'en stitching!
    and love all the colourful scrappy projects ^^

  6. What a great project that little book is! I also vote for a tiny spider hanging from a web I. The corner. 🙂

  7. Although I am not a fan of spiders, I do like the idea of webs with a dangling spider added to that piece. I like you quilt blocks and your little book also.

  8. Wow -- I love that little book project! Fun to have the prompts, and such diverse ones, too! I also vote for some spiderwebs in the corners, and a spider dangling from the web. Two sparkly, beady eyes.

  9. The Christmas book project is great! You are doing such beautiful pieces! Scraps and embroidery is great to combine!

  10. A spider web would be the perfect addition to your Halloween piece.

  11. Oh what a fun posting. Loving everything. I'll add my vote for the dancing spider :)

  12. Yes!! Perhaps a very sweet little spider would not be bad! What beautiful projects ... Very nice idea of ​​a "book" in a box ..
    Hugs, Carmela

  13. I love your wee stitcheries for your book! Inspiring!

  14. The little book is a great idea, and I find it so appealing that it has its own tin to nestle into. The first page is my favourite. I vote for a spider with sparkly eyes too!

  15. Yes the top is quite plain and a cobweb and spider would really enhance this picture Sue xx


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