Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Still Here

 The week following my last post was, unfortunately, one of those that got the better of me. What little sewing I did was done by hand, and it didn't seem like all that much frankly. I finished up a little heart ornament. This is the front:

And the back:

The front was mostly stitched when I picked it up again this past week but the decoration on the back is all new. And the front is blanket stitched to the back - that's an accomplishment in and of itself! 

I sewed down some binding on the Return of the Swans quilt.

That purple back is an extra wide cotton. For some reason it was very stiff even after laundering and quilting. Between that and the batik binding sewing it down was pretty hard on my finger tips. I've never been comfortable using a thimble but this was one time when it would have been very helpful. 

Oh, and I started on this little scissor case kit:

I do like the Stitch & Zip kits for mindless stitching, and mindless was what I needed most this past week. 

Things are looking up so far this week although I don't feel I've been very productive yet. Baby steps are what's required. If I don't learn anything else from my chronic afflictions, I certainly ought to learn patience and how to pace myself. 😏

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  1. Life doesn't so much imitate art as impede it! I do feel for you with the hemming task. When I know I have a quilt ahead of me, I tend to harden up my hand stitching calluses – and I definitely use a thimble. The one I use is silicone with a metal tip, and it isn't nearly as bothersome as one that's all metal.


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