Monday, November 9, 2020


 I meant to write a new post before now but I got a little distracted. It would be hard not to have been distracted by the Presidential election in the United States in recent days. There have been other significant events in the world at large as well. More to the point, it seems like every time I have a good day it's followed by two bad ones. Not a routine I would recommend to anyone. One learns to cope, but it does get tiresome. 😏

So when I was feeling well during the past week I made more Tessellating Star blocks (see previous post)

Until the fabric I had on hand was reduced to scraps too small to cut more of the strips required to make these blocks. It didn't go as far as I'd expected so I had to make a decision: try to find new fabric in those colors or just call it a lap quilt and be done? Given that the whole point was to use those prints up, and that green is not my favorite shade of the hue, the answer seemed obvious. Lap quilt. 

It helped when James came in, eyed the blocks, and declared that he likes the pattern they create. He also said he could really use a smaller quilt (he only has bed quilts so far). That sealed the deal. It will be his when it's finished. 😊

I've continued to sew the off-cut triangles into tiny Broken Dishes blocks. They've been good for leaders & enders. Not sure what will happen with them yet though.

Another (welcome) distraction has been a new hand stitching project prompted by Anne Brooke on YouTube and Instagram. She set up a slow stitch project back in the spring when the UK went into their first lockdown. At the time it was meant to last the whole year. Since then she's given us two additional projects to take on if we are so inclined. I watched the second one develop via YouTube while I worked on my version of the first project. Now she has instigated a third project as European nations go into lockdown once again. This one has only appeared on Instagram so far. That has forced me to activate my Instagram account and actually begin to learn how to use it. I've managed to create a feed that consists of pretty pictures and inspiration. It has become my go-to place in spare moments. I think I'll hold off sharing the progress I've made on the current project until the upcoming SAL post (15 Nov.). Or maybe in another post here mid-week. If I can avoid further toxic exposures... 😒


  1. I love pieced backs and like to add those extra little misc. blocks to the back. . . but that's just me.
    (Otherwise they would lead me to yet another project and down the rabbit hole I go.)

  2. Oh no! And you were feeling so good when the election results came in. Still, despite the ill-health you have laboured to good effect, and like James, I like the patterns generated. I'm glad he's getting this quilt, he deserves it!

  3. Those colours are an unexpected combination, but they work really well, and it will be a lovely quilt for James. I am sorry that you so up and down at the moment. I hope your health improves. Looking forward to the SAL post to see your stitching.

  4. What a great quilt to use up scraps. I wouldn't have bought more of a color I wasn't crazy about either. My wish for you is more up days than down days. I find that if I just shut off the TV and social media a few days, I feel so much better.


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