Friday, September 4, 2020

Pondering Geese

So, a while back I made a bunch of these black and lime flying geese units without any specific reason or purpose in mind. A rare occurrence for me. 

Since then I've used a small quantity of these geese in the baby quilt I've yet to show you but still had not developed a plan for the remaining geese. I put them on the design wall the other day and played with potential blocks and layouts.

At the top of the photo above we have Dutchman's Puzzle blocks. Below them, on the left, is a block my reference book calls Mosaic. Next to that are four Return of the Swallows blocks set slap up against each other. 

I also tried some overall layouts like the pattern for Remixed Geese.

Didn't like it. Too busy. I returned to the two options I liked best...

The Dutchman's Puzzle blocks would require sashing. I think a black-on-white print might serve the purpose but, being the lazy quilter I am, I prefer not to mess with sashing if I can get away without it.

Which leaves the Return of the Swallows layout.  I think the consistency of the unit placements helps to make it seem less busy. I believe I still have enough geese for a decent size flimsy. I would be hard pressed to make more as I used up those black prints and those batiks out of my stash. If the eventual quilt top needs to be larger I'll have to resort to borders or something. đŸ˜‰Since we live in an area where we are visited by migrating swans I may end up calling this quilt The Return of the Swans! 


  1. I love the Return of the Swans layout - a lot. And adding borders would be the perfect way to enlarge it as much as needed. LOVE LOVE LOVE that green background.

  2. Just to be different or difficult, I like the Dutchman's Puzzle, with sashing. I so like symmetry. But those colours together are stunning, makes the block stand out just right, and " Return Of The Swans" will be an amazing quilt. So no sashing, add a border, and it will be all done. They can then fly off to be seen every day.

  3. I agree with your preference, there's a bit more 'fresh air' between the geese. Your Return of the Swans name is perfect, even if it did make a pun pop into my mind which I now can't get rid of... (Turning Cygnet). And of course, black swans are well known in Australia!


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