Saturday, September 19, 2020

After the Rain

 We finally had some rain overnight. It has cleared the air of wildfire smoke to the extent that we have progressed from the Unhealthy category yesterday (Very Unhealthy the day before that) back into the Good category. My body seems to need more time to recover however. Of course, even when the air is safe for most folks it's not safe for me. 

To commemorate this week of smokey air in my Time Flies diary quilt I made these geese:

I've been keeping to a light value for the background patches - until now. It would appear I bought that variable gray/brown print 15 years ago just so I'd have it for this set of geese. It's a quarter yard cut that hadn't been touched since it was laundered and put in the stash. At the time I was making house blocks and probably thought I'd be able to use this print for landscaping or a roof top or something. I don't buy quarter yards anymore. Fat quarters, yes, but most often half yard or maybe third yard cuts if I don't anticipate needing a great deal of that color or print.  

Scrap Happy Day inspired me to pull out some of my smaller scrappy Ship blocks to see how they might play with the Tall Ship blocks I'd made.

There are definite possibilities here! As soon as I get some energy back I'll have to see what else I can do with them. 😉


  1. Lovely geese fabrics, And rain, even down here the skies seem so much cleaner after a good downpour.

  2. Yay for rain! We went from very unhealthy to moderate. I’ve blown my nose so many times today! Breathable air is wonderful- it’s not good yet but at least breathable 😁

  3. Love the little skulls and crossbones - you have obviously kept your sense of humour 😁

  4. I'm so glad there's some relief in the air. That little Armada is so gorgeous – do you need to make a Black Pearl to bring the Pirate King amongst them?


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