Thursday, September 24, 2020

Honest to Pete!

I've been working on my final block for Edith's turn in the Footsquare Freestyle block swap, organized by the efficient Kate over at Tall Tales from Chiconia. I've sewn every other seam to the wrong piece or turned the pieces the wrong way around. Sheesh. Some days there's no winning for losing. 😒

On another front, I've made two more Tall Ships. I had trouble with one of those too actually. This just has not been the week for piecing.

Looks like they're sailing downhill! You can see I've been sewing some flying geese units too, with the intention of having them replicate waves.

I still have to figure out how to handle those blank spots - assuming I stick with this type of layout.

Right now I think it's time to turn my attention elsewhere. Some hand work, maybe, instead of the electric needle and hot iron. 


  1. I like the HST waves! Hope the next time you sit down to piece things go more smoothly.

  2. You've had a day like mine, starting with tipping a cup of hot coffee over the bedroom carpet at 1.30am when I had to get up to see the Husband off to early day shift... The rest of the day lived up to that benchmark. Love love love your little ships!

  3. I went to pieces with Edith's blocks too - each one caused me massive problems. Sometimes life's just like that I suppose.
    I like your big ships with the little ships sailing on the geese waves.

  4. Love your ships and waves! I wouldn't have thought of using those flying geese, and it works beautifully!


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