Sunday, May 10, 2020

Stitching Along on Mother's Day

The second Sunday in May is Mother's Day here in the United States. It just so happens it's also been three weeks since our last stitch along check in. Hardly seems possible! In this SAL everyone works on their own project over a wide range of needlework techniques and styles. We have a rather large group now, pretty much around the world. 😊

I have to say that I haven't touched the dish towel I'd been reporting on for the last few check-ins.

Instead I've been doing some stitching in conjunction with a group on Facebook started up by Tilly Rose, the author of Stitched Memories. Some of it has been simple samples of basic stitches. But I've also started the cover for a new needle book using her techniques. This involves foundation piecing - by hand - and raw edges. Both are a stretch for me.

She recommends stitching on wool, but she has ready access to woven wool fabrics. I used a scrap of cotton batting. It's not ideal. The thicker perle cottons tend to pull the batting through to the surface. You see, this has also been an exercise in using threads I've collected but rarely used.

I'm eyeballing all my stitches, no marking. This is no easy feat for a Perfectionist!

Had to get my skull and crossbones in. 😉 Very soon this will be trimmed to size, lined, and felt pages stitched in place.

I've also made this little stitching helper, Flora Belle Bunny:

She was another project led by Tilly, originally meant to be a pincushion. I can't bear to stick pins or needles into animals so I turned my bunny into a stitcher's pocket. Mine is also a lop-ear bunny whereas most of the others had stand-up ears. She's made out of a mystery fabric someone gave me some time ago. It turned out to be perfect for this project as it was lovely to embroider on.

We're welcoming back Helen to the group this time around. To see what everyone has been working on just click on their names below. Enjoy the eye candy!

Avis, Claire, Gun, Carole, Sue, Constanze, Christina, Kathy, 
Margaret, Cindy, Heidi, Jackie, Sunny, Hayley,Megan, Deborah, 
MaryMargaret, Renee, Carmela, Jocelyn, Sharon, Daisy, Anne, 
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  1. So many lovely things to make and do! The dish towel can wait ;-)

  2. oooh you've been having fun with lots of bright fabrics and embroidery stitches!

  3. Those cotton batting scraps are gorgeous colours, and your little helper is very sweet!

  4. I love the bunny. Your fabric choices should make it easy to find your needle-book. This perfectionist would have trouble eye-balling my stitches also. Enjoy your stitching!

  5. I love the way you try new things all the time Sue, there is always inspiration in your work!

  6. I love the scrappiness of your needlebook cover. It's going to be perfect! The different embroidery stitches is so much fun :)

  7. Love the bunny but I confess to using the girls' old plushies as pincushions so I've got 'Babe' full of pins which really used to freak them out.

  8. I love your ship blocks in your last post.
    What neat projects you've shared here. Your stitches look great and isn't it fun to stitch that way. What is it about lop eared bunnies that we love!

  9. Thank you for the lovely welcome Sue. I love your Flora bunny pocket, and ideal place to pop a packet of needles, some small scissors and even a few threads you are using at the time. I look forward to seeing you get back to your dish towel. Are you doing a matching set for your kitchen? x

  10. Love your needlebook -- especially the skull & crossbones / venus fly trap fabric! Your stitching is always so tidy and your projects are always so interesting. Hope you are keeping well!

  11. Are you surprised to know that I think your needle book is great? The colours and the stitches are very exciting. It's a good way to experiment with those threads that have been lingering in the back of the drawer.

  12. Such a cute bunny! I wouldn´t stitch needles in it neither. You made a clever solution!

  13. Flora Belle is a love! You are doing an interesting job with the fabrics! A nice colorful idea.

  14. Your stitching is all lovely and the bunny is darling!


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