Sunday, May 31, 2020

More Stitching in May

It's been three weeks since our last stitch along check in and I still haven't touched the dish towel I'd been working on earlier in the year. I've just lost interest in it for the time being.

 But I have been working on this needlepoint case my friend asked me to stitch up for her. 😀 I believe this is how it looked the last time you saw it.

With most of the background filled in it was down to the details.

I don't especially enjoy a lot of color changes or starting and ending new threads frequently. This SAL is a very useful tool for motivating me to accomplish the challenging or less-than-fun parts of my projects. 😉

I'm a little concerned there isn't enough of one of the colors in the smaller flowers. This was purchased in a thrift shop so there's no telling if it was complete at the time. Nor do I have a photograph of how the design is supposed to look. These screen printed canvases are rarely printed straight so I'm having to make up parts of it as I go along. Nevertheless, it's coming along nicely.

Everyone in this group is stitching on a project of their own choosing so there's a variety of needlework to be seen. We'll check in again in three weeks when it will be the summer solstice! We'll be halfway through this unusual year. Let's hope the worst is behind us by then. 🌈

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  1. I love your little case!! I have a couple of these to do - yours looks great!

  2. and a very pretty needle case it is!

  3. You're doing a fab job of working out where the colours are supposed to be. It's lovely!

  4. This SAL has helped with my motivation too!

  5. That is a sweet little case. You are doing a marvelous job with the colors, those can be very tricky!

  6. It's so pretty, I'm sure your friend will love it, maybe you can find a substitute colour :) xx

  7. Lovely top photo stitching, and you have so much patience to do all that in the ones below.

  8. I hate preprinted fabric it is always so difficult to follow. Good luck with it x

  9. In spite of the challenges, you are doing a fabulous job! This is lovely.


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