Sunday, March 15, 2020

Scrap Happy Day in March

I've rather slacked off on my scrap sewing since Scrap Happy Day in February. There have only been a handful of blocks made for the Parts Department and nothing else.

We have two 9" Shoofly blocks, a 15" single Trip Around the World, one 6" sticks block, three 6" Hole in the Barn Door blocks, and the single flying goose (3" x 6"). The rest of my sewing in the last month has been for specific purposes or nonexistent. I really need to gather up some brain cells and put together at least one more Parts Dept. quilt top. There's barely room in there for these new blocks! Hands2Help will be starting up again soon. Sign ups officially begin 22 March. Maybe that will get me motivated. There are six worthy charities to choose from this year, and we are always free to donate locally.

It's not just quilters who have scraps they strive to put to good use. Here's the current list of bloggers who have joined with Kate and Gun, our hostesses, in posting about the things they've made from their scrap materials. We have a new participant too, Kjerstin. Welcome! If you'd like to join in just leave a comment on Kate's blog. 😊


  1. The Trip Around The World is my favourite, I love the combination of solid-seeming and print fabrics and the colour combination. I'm trying myself to work out what I should pick up next; I think it will need to be my BM&I blocks, particularly as I missed last month's.

  2. I love the idea of "parts department," but I need to get on the ball on making parts still. :-)

  3. Love the one with the little bears - perfect for a child. Is that your plan?


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