Thursday, March 5, 2020


We kicked off the another round of Footsquare Freestyle in February. Tracy was the first to receive blocks in her requested color palette. She's hoping to put together a quilt for the Christmas season so asked for blocks in reds and greens. The challenge is to make three blocks for the recipients, one month at a time, each block to finish at 12" square (thus, footsquare), in any style or technique we choose (that's the freestyle part). I made a Prairie Queen for Tracy...

Then I made a heart and built it up log cabin style...

And finally, an Arizona block:

The Arizona is my personal favorite.

My name was drawn for the month of March. I've already made some blocks for myself, in part to give the others in the swap an idea of my color scheme. I asked for blues and browns. First up, Bear Paws:

Then I made up a Noon & Light block, which I've also seen called Royal Star.

And of course I had to do something with flying geese!

This is a Dutchman's Puzzle block. I made a couple other brown and blue blocks but am not as happy with them as I'd like so you don't get to see them. 😉

Kate knew she would be away from home for most of March so she made her blocks for me in February and shipped them from Australia before she left home. They arrived on the second day of the new month!

Birds in the Air, a Friendship block, and a circle of geese. Kate's been paying attention. 😀My idea was to use my blocks to make a quilt for a young man graduating from foster care or maybe a couple of lap quilts for patients in hospice care. Might have to rethink that plan!


  1. Lovely blocks, every one and in those colours, sure to please. A great way to exchange blocks, in colours already selected.

  2. Glad you like them, and that they didn't arrive too early. I'm never, EVER the first to arrive, so this is a novel experience for me :-) I came teeteringly close to keeping the Circle of Geese, but my conscience prodded me...

  3. Lovely blocks for Tracey. I must check whether she's received mine yet or not as I haven't heard either way.
    I've got two of your blocks done - just one to go and I can get them in the post.


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