Friday, February 21, 2020

Two Flimsies in One Week!

Y'all know about my Parts Department. You may also remember I started making postage stamp stars for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge a couple of years ago. Some of those have already gone into quilts but I had a fair stack left still. At one point I made some scrappy 16 patch blocks to go with the rainbow stars. I wasn't sure I had enough to actually do anything with them but last Saturday seemed like a good day to find out. Taadaa!

These are 8" blocks so the flimsy measures about 48" wide by 56" long. I'm not going to even attempt a border to make this any wider or longer. It will make a fun quilt for a small child or a cheerful lap quilt for a Hospice client. I even have enough of some yardage I bought on clearance to make the back. 😊The 16 patch blocks are nearly all gone now. There are plenty of postage stamp stars left but they won't make a rainbow anymore.

On another front, I've been plugging away at some red and white blocks to go on either side of this Christmas panel by SusanWinget that I showed last month.

I'd decided to make this quilt in a horizontal format rather than vertical. I began with more sawtooth stars but with fussy cut center patches this time.

I added the Seesaw blocks to make it more interesting and to use up more of the small scale Christmas prints that had been around forever. Here's the freshly completed flimsy:

After quilting it will finish at about 80" wide by 60" high. There's yet another older Christmas print in red that will be the back for this one. 😀Next up, probably another Halloween quilt!


  1. Wow! I can't keep up with you - you're like a woman on a mission.

  2. Oh, you KNOW I'll adore that rainbow stars top, so happy and bright. I'm not a great panel-fan for myself, but I do love what you've done with the Christmas one, and it's fun having it in horizontal format, too.

  3. stars and patches, this is a beauty with all those colours. And the panel, love the sides for that one.

  4. I especially like the first one with the big 16 patches and the little 16 patches - such fun with scale!

  5. Great job with those scrappy colorful blocks in the first quilt. And hooray for using the Christmas panel so effectively.


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