Thursday, December 13, 2018

Scrappy Finish

I've had a pretty good run of health and energy lately. Gotta say I'm very grateful for that! Unfortunately, I've had to battle an almost-migraine the last couple of days. {sigh} Will this never end?!

I don't have a lot to show for all the good days I've had. There's been more Christmas-related activity than sewing. Although a little bit of stitching has gone into a Christmas gift. You'll see that in our next Stitch Along check in on the 23rd of this month (if not sooner). I have managed to prune and bind a 60" x 80" quilt though. 😊 I don't have a full photo of the finished quilt but this is the top:

You may remember it from a previous Scrap Happy Day post. It was made from nearly all the 6" Bow Tie blocks I'd made over time out of scraps. I'm calling it Magic Circles now. James did the quilting for me of course, all free hand.

I found the print I'd used for the top and bottom borders in another colorway in my stash. It looked like there would be enough to make it all the way around the quilt...

But not quite. Happily I found a short bit of leftover binding from another quilt that worked well to fill in the gap.

Luna has been testing the finished quilt for snuggability.

I think it passes the test. 😉 Never fear, it will be laundered before it leaves our house!


  1. It certainly does seem to have passed the snuggability test. :)

  2. It's absolutely beautiful, and what a great job James has made of the quilting. Your problem with binding coming up short is a familiar one; I've had that happen so often I seem to make a habit of patching in a different piece every other quilt...

  3. A migraine that isn't the full blown variety is just as bad. Love the DOG scan!!! And binding, I have read somewhere that a blogger quilter cuts up all odd ends to size and joins and irons, all ready for a scrappy binding.

  4. I finally just gave up with trying to figure binding for a whole quilt - I now routinely make scrappy bindings. I see it as one last chance to play with color on my quilt!
    I love how you've arranged the bowties so that your quilt glows in the center! So beautiful!


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