Sunday, December 30, 2018

Goodbye 2018

No, I'm not doing a recap of all my creative endeavors for 2018! I'm neither that organized nor that ambitious. Just wanted to get in one last post before the new year is upon us. I'm also learning my way around a MacBook. Not a brand new machine but one that will hopefully prove dependable and more comfortable to use than the PC I've been using. Already I'm missing certain keys that were on the previous laptop. I'm sure we've all learned by now that nothing is perfect. 

While there has been very little in the way of sewing or stitching going on, what with Christmas and all, I have managed to get the binding on two lap quilts and get one of them all sewn down. This one I'm calling In the Pink.

It's a version of Scrappy Trips I made in an effort to use up remnants of various pink prints (duh!). It's about 45" x 60" before being laundered. The plan is to donate it to a patient in Hospice care. I was inspired by Kat's efforts to give quilts to patients at the end of their lives in her part of the world. Rather than (or maybe in addition to) making and mailing blocks to her for the quilts she and her friends assemble I thought maybe I could find a way to do something similar in my own neck of the woods. There's a second lap quilt ready to be bound; once I have them both ready we'll see about delivering them.

This quilt gave me an opportunity to try out one of the new labels I ordered from the Dutch Label Shop.  I saw a promotional offer (expired now) over on Confessions of a Fabric Addict and took advantage of it. The possibilities for label designs are nearly endless. I chose to offset the text on my labels thinking I might be able to sew them in as I put the binding on the quilt. That plan didn't work out quite the way I envisioned but I made it work.

 I haven't yet given much thought to what I might strive for or undertake in the coming year. Mostly I expect to just keep on keeping on. 😊

Here's to a new year full of every good thing!


  1. A wonderful ongoing project, Sue, and I love your labels. :) My best PC/Mac tip is that the Ctrl key and the Clover Key work the same. Best wishes to you for a healthy 2019.

  2. Here's to a new year for you that is filled with fewer problematic days and more ability to enjoy whatever it is you're doing!

  3. Very pretty quilt and what a sweet thing to do for someone! You are so generous with your sewing time. Good for you! I always love a TATW.

    I hope you have a good New Year, with enough good health to do the things you want to!

  4. Love In the Pink. So pretty, it will be a lovely gift to a Hospice care patient. Happy New Year.

  5. The pink quilt is beautiful.
    I bought some labels from that company too - very good quality but I should probably shop more locally next time. I was fooled by the 'Dutch' in the title to think they were in Europe and, by the time I'd done all the designing etc., I just went for it.

  6. I love In The Pink, it's fresh and pretty without being too sweet and girly. As a Mac user, I do sympathise, having had to go the other way for work on various occasions. There's a good article about Mac vs PC keyboard shortcuts here:
    I'm confident you'll soon find work-arounds and alternatives you can live with. And I also think you might find startup a good bit faster!

  7. Yeah, I wasn't up for a year-in-review either. I'm happy to just keep on plugging along, with some kind of loose 'plan' (which only looks like a plan to me, admittedly) - you know, like 'make some stars', etc.
    I hope you have a year without health issues, that's filled with happiness. Happy New Year!

  8. Lovely quilt and I’m liking the labels x


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