Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Two (Hopefully Sweet) Treats

I resolved the issue of borders/no borders on my Broken Dishes Disappearing 9 Patch by putting narrow borders down the sides and slightly wider borders on the top and bottom of the quilt.

That  gave me a bit more length without adding much width. I'll use the same black border print for the binding. 

This quilt should finish around 63" x 78." Kate has said it puts her in mind of cellophane wrapped hard candies strewn across a tabletop. I hope the quilting I have in mind will emphasize that effect. But instead of hard candy I'm thinking I'll call this Scattered Taffy. A couple of family members have a particular fondness for taffy. 😉

Meanwhile, I have yet another Disappearing 9 Patch quilt that I don't think I've shared with you. It's the same setting I used for the Halloween print version but darker alternate patches in the original 9 patch blocks for this one changes the whole look.

This one features food and food-related prints. There are various fruits and vegetables and Peeps and Christmas candy and ice cream and a couple of kitchen appliances. I used pairs (or sometimes four) of each focal fabric so it can be used as an I Spy quilt. I had foster kids in mind when I was making it.

I thought it was especially fun to use the mice-among-the-cheese print next to wedges of cheese!

It will finish around 60" x 73." I had to go out and  purchase fabric to bind it, in spite of all the prints and colors in my stash. Most often there just wasn't enough to go all the way around. I decided to use a red to frame the quilt and blend with the backing

Of course I couldn't get out of the shop without picking up a couple of other prints...

Most of these are just fat quarters. At least a couple of them will end up in Turkey Track blocks eventually. I don't have quite enough of those yet for a complete quilt. I have a feeling I'll be getting back to them soon!


  1. Two quilts, both lovely,and new fabrics, they are all gorgeous.

  2. Oh, I love that multicoloured print at top left, it's joyful! What a pleasure to have two quilts so close to completion, you must have a real sense of accomplishment :-)

  3. I love your second quilt. Well, I love both of them, but the second has such vibrancy and fun. It will be a wonderfully comforting quilt for someone feeling a little lost. xxx

  4. You are using so many great fabrics!! Love that Disappearing 9-patch quilt!

  5. Your broken dishes quilt has turned out so well, and I am certain that many kids would spend hours looking at all the different fabrics in the disappearing nine patch, what a fun quilt! Now these fat quarters...I can see why you succumbed!

  6. I wouldn't have been able to pass up those fat quarters either!
    I think your border on the taffy quilt resolved really well - just enough to contain the 'candy' without calling attention to itself. And that I Spy quilt is going to bring someone hours of fun!

  7. Both quilts are so pretty... and I love those fat quarters :) xx


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