Monday, April 30, 2018

Ten + One

Guess what? I've maintained this blog for eleven years now! I've slacked off in the last couple of years but I'm still here, checking in sporadically. If I were a more energetic, organized person I'd celebrate with a giveaway. Instead I'll just share what's currently on my design wall. 😊

These are the first of the blocks to come in from my local guild in response to my latest friendship block request. I asked for 7" wide "blocks" of assorted strips that would be appropriate for a quilt for a man or teenage boy. My intention is to make a Chinese Coins quilt for a young man in foster care or a male patient in hospice care. The size of the end product will depend on how many more blocks come in and how carried away I get in adding to what I've been given. 😉 I don't have a clue what I might use between the columns of strips. I'll figure that out later on.

I haven't been on the computer much of late due to a series of nasty headaches.

Consequently I haven't been responding to your lovely comments. Please know I do appreciate them and that I hope to feel well enough soon to get around to see what you've been up to lately.


  1. Haha is that the laundry all done for the day!! Hope those pesky headaches vanish, changes of season bring many unwanted things into our lives.

  2. Sorry to hear you've been suffering a bit again lately but I'm sure your doggy's antics must cheer you up no end.

  3. I'm feeling a definite kindred spirit with all those lovely stripy columns. Congratulations on a really impressive blogging record; I hope one day to attain the same heights :-) Your blogging might not be quite as regular as it used to be, but it's still always worth visiting. Keep up the good work.

  4. Happy anniversary! I hope you feel better soon!
    I realized in February that my blog's 10 year anniversary had been in January. I'd always thought I'd have a celebration to mark the occasion, and instead it slipped right past me. Oh, well.

  5. Congratulations on 11 years! That's awesome. I've only been following for a couple of years and I'm wishing you another 11 years (or more) of blogging.

  6. Congrats on 11 years! Lovely design wall... and I love your laundry!! Hope your headaches ease up soon xx

  7. I can see at least a few people did what I might be tempted to do: leave the strips a bit too wide for a safety buffer.
    Oh, the joys of laundry ‘helpers’!


Due to my health issues I am frequently unable to respond to your comments but please know that I appreciate your thoughtful responses. I cannot respond to 'no-reply' bloggers either, much to my frustration.