Thursday, April 12, 2018

Scrap Happy in April

I'm posting this a little early as Scrap Happy Day and our next Stitch Along check-in fall on the same day this month (the 15th). It remains to be seen what I'll have to show for the SAL. I've come down with a little spring cold and that has slowed my progress somewhat. We were hoping it was just allergies the husband and son were suffering from. Turns out it was something contagious. Fortunately it hasn't been as bad as some other colds I've had in the past (she says while knocking on the wooden bookshelf nearby 😉). 

Faithful followers will know that I routinely work with scraps. The project I designated for Scrap Happy Day last month was another Disappearing 9 Patch, this time featuring scrappy Broken Dishes blocks in place of the 5" focal patches I've used in other versions of this design. (One of which I don't think you've seen yet!) I'd decided on a layout for the blocks but hadn't determined specific placements. I got the blocks out again a few days ago and started playing with them on the design wall. 

When I had an arrangement I was happy with I sewed the blocks into rows. That was as far as I could go that day. The next morning I noticed a pair of very similar blocks too close together for my peace of mind. Rather than trying to move one or the other of the blocks I tried moving whole rows. That worked for the most part. In the end I did have to disassemble half a row, move the blocks around within it, and then put it back together. But the end result was worth it.

I could have fussed with it longer (like, forever) to try for better color and value distribution across the quilt top but after a while you just have to say "Enough!" I also made the sashing to go across the top and down the left side to complete the sashing and cornerstone pattern. Now the question is whether or not to add a border. This measures about 61" x 74" at the moment. I could live with that size, it just looks unfinished to me. I don't know whether binding alone will do the trick. The thing is, I found this absolutely delightful Halloween print that I thought would be fun to use in this quilt somehow:

Turns out the print scale is a bit too large to show effectively in a border in my opinion. I don't want a ginormous quilt just to accommodate this print. I originally bought only a yard when I saw it in a local store. I went back to get what was left on the bolt a few days later, wanting to have as much of it as possible to expand my options. Now that I have the body of the top compete and have measured the gremlins I think it's going to have to become the quilt back. So what, if anything, do I do to the front? 

Scrap Happy Day is the creation of Kate at Tall Tales From Chiconia and Gun in Sweden. You might pop over to see what they come up with for either Scrap Happy Day or the Stitch Along as they are both involved in both efforts. 😊


  1. I would be tempted to add a border of the same fabric as the sashing (but without any more cornerstones) so the quilt can float inside. If that doesn't work, then a skinny stop border of the sashing fabric and a border with the same colors as the cornerstones (which look to be a reddish orange - which would tie in nicely to the orange in the backing). Good luck!

  2. It's the Hard Candy quilt! I love this one a lot. I see what you mean about looking a tiny bit unfinished, but I think a generous binding in a strong colour might enclose and terminate the 'open' effect of the edge. That Halloween print is crazy and would make a great backing!

  3. Well done getting ahead of the Scrap Happy Day. Love that idea of using broken dishes in place of a focal fabric block.....another good idea to stash away for 'someday.' And I can see why you'd want plenty of that quirky Halloween print. Hope you're feeling better :)

  4. The way the sashing looks on the edges already looks like a border to me and I think I'd be tempted to do a red or dark orange binding, maybe a little bit wider than you would normally. However, it's so lovely, whatever you do will work I'm sure.

  5. I was thinking you might consider trying a narrow black border, maybe half the width of the sashing, and then if you want more think about more of the orange, or the green in you backing fabric? It might work.

  6. I would not add a border but I rarely add a border to my own quilts, so I suppose it's also a matter of what you're used to. Either way I'm sure it'll be a fun quilt when it's finished!

  7. I always think quilts need borders (like paintings need frames, right?), so I'd put a narrow one around - maybe a dark like in some of the blocks?
    And that halloween print is adorable! No wonder you went back for more!

  8. I say..It doesn´t matter how many times you rearrange the blocks, you´ll always miss a block or two, that is coming too close to each other. I think your quilt looks great! My DH thinks we quilters are using borders to much, sometimes I agree with him, sometimes I don´t :) And that Halloween fabric is so funny!!!!!


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