Sunday, August 27, 2017

Stitching Along Some More in August

It doesn't feel like I've done all that much since our first check in with the Stitch Along but maybe I've accomplished more than I realize. The secret project is nearly complete. Unfortunately, I've been using one of Nancy's hand dyed flosses and don't have quite enough left to finish the project. The DMC equivalent isn't close enough to suit me, at least not by the color number Nancy gave. There might be another shade in the DMC line that would work better; I haven't had a chance to look. I'm hoping Nancy has another skein left from that dye batch. Otherwise I'm not sure what I'll do!

The mid-century modern trailer for The Sketchbook Project is finished:

There are some anomalies that prove this was handmade (as if there could be any doubt). I didn't realize the door wasn't quite straight until it was too late to fix it. Nevertheless, I'm content with the end product. I'm not sure the backstitched lines really read as louvers in the windows but I'm happy with the "screening" I put in the little window in the upper bunk area. I added the whitewall to the tire at the very end. 

I also left a bit of myself on the back of my work:

That sort of thing is a good reason to line your embroidery when you can. While the lining is blood stained, it doesn't show on the front at all. Whew!

This isn't a great picture, but here are the three caravans I've completed so far:

And here's the next one:

I suspect I'm going to have to move the position of one or two of the three windows. I don't think there's room for the embroidery I have planned the way they sit now. 

There are people doing all sorts of needlework in this stitch along group. To see what everyone is up to click on their name below. If you'd like the motivation that comes from a group like this contact Avis through her blog. But be warned: you may find yourself picking up your needles more often and leaving other activities untouched!


  1. I really like your caravans. They are all different but awesome.

  2. you'll be wanting to go away camping after all of these ^^

  3. They're all looking great. I hope you weren't injured too badly.

  4. I love the big arrow 'swoosh' on your mid-century caravan! It's the sort of vehicle the Jetsons would have taken on the 'camping trip of the future'. That blood spot is not a defect, you were simply leaving your DNA marker on the work for analysis by future generations... or something. Great bubble shape of the Airstream trailer for your next project; I'm sure you've got something fun planned for that one :-)

  5. What's great set of caravans you are getting! They look lovely together.
    With blood removal, apparently your own spit will take it out of fabric. I myself have only ever had limited success with this though...

  6. Love all the different caravans, I think the witchy one is my favourite so far :-)

  7. So, how many caravans are you planning to do? They are so cute all of them!!!!!

  8. Quite a little caravan collection you're getting - they are all so charming.

  9. Your caravans are really cute! I can't wait to see what kind of embroidery you do to embellish the newest one. I can't seem to link my blog to the comments so I am Connie from


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