Friday, August 18, 2017

Moving Right Along

I haven't quite decided whether I'm finished with the witch's caravan.

I provided a boulder to support the front end of her trailer and put colonial knot gravel underneath. The debate is whether to extend a few of those brambles up a little higher on the side of the trailer. And then there's the matter of her familiar. A cat? A raven? Do I really have room to include this element?

While I'm considering these options I've chosen to move forward on another caravan. I think this one will be pretty simple and quick to execute.

I'll probably just stick to the basic design lines and not try to embellish it further. Well, not much anyway. ;- )

I had to go out to find just the right shade of pink for this trailer though. Not only did that result in yet another toxic headache (blech) but it yielded up a pair of pillowcases to stitch when my brain isn't functioning well. Like now, after the trip to the store.

I got this on super clearance. I like the design, just not the colors they chose or the suggested method for stitching the flowers. So when I'm feeling a bit better I can settle on a color palette for these and then pick them up the next time I want to stitch without having to think too hard. I wish I could pick out colors willy-nilly and just start stitching! I will probably try to use the hand dyed floss I've been acquiring from Nancy's Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. Although there was a lovely soft melon color in the DMC display at the store, a color I don't believe I have in my stash already. Unfortunately, to get some would entail another trip to the store and the consequences thereof. Better to use what's already on hand!


  1. I love your caravans! I obviously missed the start of the witches one, but I love the hat in the window.
    That is a very pretty design with the flowers. I'm sure you will come up with something lovely colour and stitch wise.

  2. How about a raven familiar on the roof, at the front, like the winged victory hood ornament on a Rolls Royce? Or if you prefer a cat, I'm pretty sure any familiar cat worth its salt would be perched on the side-slung broomstick :-)

  3. Your caravans are wonderful. Each has been so different, and so quirky! This witchvanmay be my favourite. I agree with Kate ~ a cat on the broomstick!

  4. Love the broom-stick!!!!!!


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