Sunday, August 6, 2017

SAL - First August Check-in

Miraculously, we seem to be the beneficiaries of our more normal on-shore air currents now. The temperature outside has dropped and the humidity has gone up. That makes life much more comfortable around here!

Most of the needlework I've done since our last stitch along check-in has been on a project that will be a gift. I don't want to spoil the surprise so it won't appear here until it's been given. You're going to have to be content with the little bit I've done elsewhere. ;- )

Likely you remember the little fox needlepoint case I finished up recently. I've started another of the same design but in different colors. Well, different color placement anyway.

The last one had a purple background, this one will have a purple fox. I haven't decided what color I'll use for the background yet. It won't be gray!

I've wanted to get another caravan embroidery started but got sort of hung up on that front. Some of the images in the coloring book I ordered had to be reduced in size to fit the format of The Sketchbook Project's sketchbook. I won't be using all of them by any means but I wanted to be able to pick and choose amongst my more favorite shapes.

The August shipment of Nancy's limited edition floss club was delivered the other day.

That helped motivate me to trace off a couple of the trailers.

I only traced off the most significant design lines so I can customize the trailers to my heart's content. The pencil showed up well enough on this yellow background but is harder to see on the orange.

In fact, I may have to darken the lines for my own benefit before I begin stitching!

There's quite a group of us in this SAL now.  We check in every three weeks to keep us on task with our various needlework endeavors. If you'd like to join us just drop Avis an email or leave a comment on her blog. We're welcoming two new members this month, Heidi and Connie!


  1. What a lovely little foxy design! I don't have much to show today either, it's great to just stitch on other things at times!

  2. So cute Sue! I really like the trailers too. I assume those will be embroidered?

  3. Ooh, the purple fox will be great. Actually, anything purple would be just fine :-)

  4. I love this fox pattern and your campers. Can't wait to se the final of those!

  5. Would it be too much to give the purple fox an orange background...? I love your next two trailers, especially the 1950s style one with 'wings'. Looking forward to seeing what you do with those!

  6. Oh, I love those foxes!!!!! Exciting embroidery with caravans!!!!

  7. lovely little fox, and I agree with Kate, an orange background would be fab !


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