Saturday, August 12, 2017

Heckedy Peg on Vacation

We had more haze than smoke around here this past week. It was still smoky haze though. That meant poor air quality, which meant I didn't get a lot done during the week. At least not until yesterday. But let's start at the beginning...

I think I was influenced by the orange tint to the haze when I picked the next caravan to embroider. I had a pretty good idea of who I wanted to make it for though.

I began with the drawing of the vintage Shasta trailer. I had to lay low for a couple of days after I'd outlined it and put in the first details. That also gave me time to decide to ignore the line of the lightning bolt.

I've used feather stitches for the brambles, split stitch for the bristles of the broom, and stem stitch for the handle of the broomstick and the planking of the door. Most of the wheel is done in buttonhole stitches.

I made the handle on the door with two french knots and then short loop of wrapped floss. 

I free-styled the cobweb. Haven't decided yet whether to try to put in a spider. That window is only an inch wide and .75" high.

I need to add the trailer hitch and some shadowing under the caravan. Not sure there will be much more than that to do! Fortunately I've got ideas forming for another of the caravans. :- )

The wind is picking up even as I write this. That means the air should begin to clear out. The temperatures are predicted to be more normal in the coming week too. We might even get some rain tomorrow. That will help a lot. Here's to better days ahead!


  1. I had to look up Heckedy Peg, even though I was severely envious of her caravan! Lovely book, wish it had been part of my childhood. I particularly love the lavender feather stitch on this one, which works particularly well with the orange background. Glad your air quality is improving :-)

  2. Your little campers are just fascinating! I love the in-progress photos you show. Your sketchbook is going to be a real smile-generator!
    Glad the air is clearing. Smoke is for bbq, not for breating!

  3. oh my your embroidery is just gorgeous and I hope that you get your rain! :)

  4. A witchy caravan - I love it. I hope there is going to be a black cat =^^=

  5. Very cute. Love the broom stick. Yes, don't forget the cat!


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