Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Friends in Batik

I've learned that I'm going to have to pace myself when it comes to getting all those bindings sewn down (see previous post). After the marathon sessions with the wedding quilt (pictures to come later) my wrist and hands weren't very happy. I also wanted something other than the purple, green, and gold scrappy trip blocks to work on so I dug out my cheerful batik friendship blocks. These blocks were made for me by members of my local quilt guild back in 2014-15. This is the way I laid them out the first time I put them on the design wall.

My original thinking was to make stacked string blocks to tie them together. Then I considered alternate blocks. I couldn't find a block that would easily move the colors across the quilt that I was willing to make in that quantity. So the blocks were put away for a while.

When I got them out the next time I rearranged them into five columns with the blocks directly over each other.

With 2" sashes between the blocks and about 3" between the columns I could turn these into a personal size quilt which, after all, is what this was meant to be! I have a wonderful batik in pink and orange and yellow that might make a good border too. There was still the matter of sashing the blocks however. That was going to involve a lot of auditioning of colors and prints. Other projects took precedence, as they will, and the blocks were put away once again.

To keep myself from hand stitching another binding I got the friendship blocks out and began the auditioning process.

Two days later I think I have what I want. Or the best I can do with what's available. The trick will be to get them sewn into place before I need the design wall for something else!


  1. Love it with the sashings, and this is for you, yourself, and just like Frank Sinatra, " I did it my way" will be your signature.

  2. A personal quilt will be a great way to use these blocks Sue, especially as that was the original idea. Can I see that all your friends at the Quilt Guide have signed their blocks in the centre? I'm sure they'll be pleased to see it or hear about it once you've finished.

  3. Such a pretty assortment of blocks/colors -- hope the assembly part goes quickly!

  4. I love the way batiks just glow! Your quilt is going to be gorgeous - I hope it goes together smoothly!

  5. I think your sashing choices look just right! I hope this goes together will be a stunning quilt!

    Yes, pacing ourselves is a good idea. We don't want to wear out our hands!

    Have you considered binding by machine? That's all I do anymore. I found a great tutorial for a very nice binding here:

    The two secrets to this method are 1. to press the binding out and away on the back and then in place on the front - it won't move on you (or very little) while you're trying to sew it down and 2. match your bobbin thread to the backing fabric when sewing the binding on the front and you'll hardly notice it.
    Hope this helps!

  6. It looks great. You have arranged the colours so that the glowing yellows and oranges are in the centre, and then leading out to the cooler blues. It works so well. What patience you must have to pin all those blocks up onto the wall, and then move them around. Quilters are amazing crafters!

  7. You're right, that final layout is perfect. Listen, even if you have to take them down again, print out that final photo and put it with the blocks so you don't have to do all the arranging again when it's time to take them out again. I do love all those beautiful vivid batiks; there's something about the pure colours blending together that I think is perfect; no distraction from patterns.

  8. These blocks look great with the sashes you chose. It's going to make a beautiful quilt.

  9. It's beautiful! I like it quite a lot, and I'm so glad your friends loved you enough to give you those fabulous blocks!

  10. Switching tasks to give your hands a change and a rest is a good idea.
    Great colour transitions on the sashing. I know what you mean about getting stuff sewn before you need the space for something else!


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