Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Finish and a Stumblingblock

I have completed the binding on my F2F2 quilt (Footsquare Freestyle round two).

The blocks were made by quilters around the world - thank you ladies! This is a regulation twin size quilt, 65" x 88."  I had James quilt it in an allover leaf design. I love it!

He was able to use a variegated thread my sister bought for me some years ago. The allover leaf is one of my favorites of his quilting patterns. It was an easy decision to use that design given the leaves in the batik sashing and border. :- )

Meanwhile, I've swapped out one of the short sashing strips between my batik friendship blocks.


Do you see the difference? In the second column from the left, about halfway down. The first strip was too dark. I'm happier with this other print. However, I discovered I didn't have as much yardage as I needed for the long vertical sashing strips. I went out to look for more and found an acceptable print in the yellow I was planning to use. But when I got home, affected by the fumes from the outing, I suddenly wasn't sure about my original plan. I still want to make this a strippy quilt (vertical columns separated by single fabric strips - much like the F2F2 quilt) but I'm no longer as confident of the yellow I was planning to use. The good people at eQuilter had a turquoise batik in their clearance department that looked like it might be a good fit with this project. So until my order arrives this quilt has been put on hold. I'm making up the rest of the purple, green, and caramel scrappy trip blocks that will go into the comfort quilt for Covered in Love. It's an ideal project for this period of time while my brain is not fully functional.


  1. Hoorah! I love it too Sue - I knew it was going to be gorgeous. I'm proud to have been a small part of it :)

  2. It's magnificent, and I can quite see why you're hanging onto it! You're right about the leaf quilting, too, it's perfect!
    At first, I couldn't see what you'd changed on the Batik Brights quilt, but the piece you've swapped in is much better, it' doesn't jump out so much. What lovely things you have to show us today. I hope your toxic expedition doesn't take too much of a toll, and that you'll be feeling better soon.

  3. looks fantastic

  4. I love it and I remember that using these colors was both a challenge and very fun!


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