Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Batik Trips

After putting so much mental effort into the wedding quilt I wanted something easy and relatively mindless to work on next. Last year I learned about Covered in Love during the annual Hands2Help quilt drive. I only sent one quilt to them but have wanted to do more ever since. So I went through my stash and found some batiks that would work together in Scrappy Trip blocks.

Some quilters get hooked on log cabin blocks because of the ease of construction and variety of designs that can be achieved with them. Those are the very reasons I keep making scrappy trip blocks!

I tend to use the trip-around-the-world setting most often, at least when I'm making the blocks and putting them up on the design wall. ;- ) 

When I have more blocks made I'll try other setting options. I don't have quite enough of any one of these batiks for all 20 blocks so it will be a challenge to distribute prints evenly or at least in a pleasing arrangement. I confess to going out today to try to find more greens and golds to blend in with what I've already used. I wasn't as successful as I'd have liked but I think I have enough to be getting on with now. And James has just brought in the wedding quilt, ready to be bound. That will be a job for tomorrow (or maybe the next day!). 


  1. Beautiful blocks, Sue. I can't wait for that quilt! Thanks so much for linking up, Kat.

  2. Daffs already, down here the bulbs are all displayed for sale in flyers and garden shops.Love those soft batiks, and a wonderful way to help others.

  3. I love that colour selection, it's subtle and not too bright, but isn't sludgy and dull. Those purples really make it work. I can't say I have a go-to block or setting, as such, but I do know I have a strong tendency to avoid triangles. Probably an issue I should address one day, eh?

  4. Lovely blocks Sue. I must say, when doing the F2F blocks, I found I had hardly any green fabric in my stash and it was quite a difficult one to find in the shops too. I imagine it would be even harder if you are limited to searching for it amongst only batiks.


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