Friday, March 31, 2017

Bee, Myself and I in March

As usual, I found myself at something of a loss upon completion of the wedding quilt top and back. I'm generally unable to move directly from one major project to another. It's times like this when friendship blocks or other random blocks to make come in handy. Fortunately I have my Bee, Myself and I blocks to make!

You may or may not recall that I've been making Scrappy Trip blocks in my favorite colors in batiks. This is what I had last month:

I made three new blocks, one yellow and two orange.

Then I decided I wanted another yellow block. So this is what I have now:

After I took this picture I moved that darkest pink block over to the right. I think I also rotated it 90 degrees. It looked better there but I didn't bother to take a new picture. My end goal is 20 blocks. That puts me at the halfway point but I fully expect to make more than I need, just so I have design options.

Kate and Tialys have been making lovely hat boxes each month for their selfish sewing projects. Poor Kate in Australia has been preoccupied with preparing for, enduring, and now cleaning up after Cyclone Debbie's unwanted visit so she doesn't have new blocks to show this month. Tialys is in France and added three boxes to her collection. If you're a fan of Kaffe Fasset's quilts you might want to pop over and have a look at the growing collection of pretty boxes (too bad there are no hats to go in them!).


  1. I'm hoping to have one, and maybe even two blocks to show on Monday. They'll be three days late, but I've got a note from Cyclone Debbie to say it's OK :-) Your Trip blocks are just so gorgeous! The pinks and the yellows together are so sunny and happy. Are they an antidote to your weather, or maybe to cheer you up?

  2. Sue, I love the colours you are using, and the way that they flow into each other. Beautiful!

  3. This is so bright and cheerful Sue, I love the colours you've used so far and the batiks give it a movement you wouldn't have with plains.

  4. I do like the bright happiness of this. A nice project to work on while something else percolates to the top of the list for you.

  5. These monochrome blocks are really effective, and I can see that they will create a lovely colourwash effect as you continue to add to them.


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