Thursday, January 19, 2017

Confession Time

I've had a skeleton in my closet.

Behind that skeleton is a set of shelves loaded with yardage, not all of it quilting cottons.

And this is what poor Ruby Blue has been laboring under for months:
Ruby Blue is my second machine.
She's great for zipping up long
straight seams and applying bindings.
Stacks of blocks that are technically part of my Parts Department. That's not the only stack in the studio either.

My local quilt guild holds an auction every year in January. The monies raised are used to fund our charitable activities. I've pretty well cleared out the books I could bear to part with. I've never been one to collect patterns or rulers or other gadgets. The one thing I have too much of (if that's even possible!) is fabric. The logical conclusion was to take advantage of the auction and share my wealth.

To that end I have cleared out 99.9% of my flannels. Of all the fabric in my stash I figured they were the least likely to be used in the near future. Most of them were infant or juvenile prints anyway, and there are gals in the guild who focus on making preemie quilts. My focus needs to be on utilizing what's in my Parts Department.

Empty shelf!

Look how well the pizza boxes I use for block storage fit on that empty shelf:

And now Ruby Blue is free of her heavy burden. I can use her more easily and more often to make more blocks and bind more quilts. ;- )

No doubt there's further organizing that could take place here in The Magpie's Nest. For the time being however, I need to return to activities that are more fun. In particular I'm hearing the siren call of tropical batiks...


  1. What is this 'too much fabric' thing you're referring to?
    I'd definitely rather sew than organize! Enjoy!

  2. Good call to share the wealth - those preemies will appreciate your generosity!

  3. My goodness! A whole empty shelf, even if it didn't last long :-) I have bags of dressmaking fabric that I really need to actually MAKE something with, but I can't bear (yet?) to give any of them away. And I've managed to divest myself of fabrics I really don't like any more. Love the Skeleton of the Cupboard, by the way!

  4. We all have our dirty little secrets!
    I was hoping for worse so zoomed in on the 'Hot N Ready' only to be disappointed as it appears to be a pizza box. ;)

  5. "My focus needs to be on utilizing what's in my Parts Department.".....and not acquiring any more!! That may be more difficult. I do admire your ability to organise and rearrange. I find I just move stuff from one pile to the next!


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