Saturday, January 14, 2017


Today is the link party for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge hosted by Angela and tomorrow is ScrapHappy Day hosted by Kate in Australia and Gun in Sweden. Since it's all about scraps let's toss 'em in the bin together!

I wasn't sure I would have purple blocks to show already for the RSC but a couple of days of sorting, then cutting, allowed me to sit and sew yesterday. This is the result:

In the spirit of full disclosure, two of the blocks on the wall were there before I started in on my purple patches. Still, not bad for one day. :- ) The baskets are 8" blocks. There are two 10" blocks whose name I don't know that are for the block of the month drawing in my local quilt guild.

For ScrapHappy Day I went through my scrap 3" strips to see what could be done with them. I've never really settled on a specific way to organize my strips. By length? By color? I had them sorted by length, according to the ways I'm most likely to use them. Now that I've been involved with the RSC for a couple of years sorting them by color seems more useful. So I reorganized them by color. I was able to use the longer strips to make 15" Scrappy Trip blocks.

I made up ten blocks. It would only take twenty to make a decent size quilt (60" x 75").  We'll see how many I get made for February's ScrapHappy Day!

To see more scrappy blocks you can find links over at TallTalesfromChiconia and SoScrappy. In the meantime, I think I'm going to have to clear out some space somehow to enlarge my Parts Department...!


  1. Great progress for scraphappy day.

  2. I sort by color / three groups by size - yardage (over 1/2 yard), resource boxes (less than 1/2 yard but larger than scraps/crumbs or a charm square), and scraps/crumbs (charm square size and below). Leftover binding goes either in the resource boxes or the crumb boxes depending on how much of it there is.

    LIKE those scrappy trips blocks!

  3. Wow, what amazing progress! I get why you had strips organised by length, but for me, the obvious choice would always be by colour because that's how I search. I love this Trip Around the World, especially as it's so spontaneous.

  4. Your purple blocks up on the design wall are so pretty! I'm always so impressed with what you can do with your parts department! I like your scrappy trip blocks, too! I had fun making one of those a couple of years ago.

  5. Such fun purple blocks! And I love all the scrappy pieces in your Trip Around the World blocks!

  6. You were BUSY!!! I've been thinking about and wanting to make a Scrappy Trips quilt, too. SEW many quilts, so little time!!!

  7. I suppose it would help if I'd just sort some way or other. :-)

  8. Those Scrappy Trips blocks look wonderful! Such a fun way to play with color.
    Your purples are really adding up - and with half the month left to go! You really are going to add onto the parts dept!
    I swing back and forth on whether to sort by size or color. At this point, I don't really sort at all. You should see my cutting table - or rather, you can't see my cutting table...

  9. I sort everything by color: yardage folded on shelves, scraps dropped into fabric buckets, and strips rolled into bundles in drawers. I can't imagine looking for fabric by length or size. I'm just not that together and never know how much I need. That said, I pull from a color and use what I have or find another piece. I've begun making more modern quilts or scrappy quilts, so it works for me.
    Those purple blocks are pretty awesome! I wish I were so prolific!

  10. Wonderful scraps and wonderful blocks! I enjoyed seeing what you've been doing.


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