Thursday, January 12, 2017

First Finish of the Year


I haven't blogged about the FootSquareFreestyle block swap (rounds one or two) very often. Mostly out of reluctance to spoil the surprise for the participant each month but also due to LBS (lame brain syndrome). Now that we're approaching the end of F2F2 I have a finished F2F quilt to show you.

To recap, there were twelve participants in the first F2F. We each made three blocks for one person a month, our choice of block but in colors the recipient had chosen. Of course we have free rein when it comes to assembling our blocks. Kate and Lynn and I think someone else quilted their blocks separately and then assembled them into quilts (in the quilt-as-you-go technique). I'm blessed to have a long arm quilter in the house so once I set the blocks I handed the parts over to him. It took us some time to decide on a quilting pattern. It was no easy matter to select thread color either, let me tell you! Finally we decided on a light lavender thread and a contemporary straight line design. It's not easy to see in the photographs but you get the idea from this detail shot:

We have a quiet, sunny day here today so I went out to the back deck and got some shots of my completed F2F quilt. I had to do it in two halves. I made my quilt big enough to use on our double bed so it measures about 85" square. Here's one half:

And here it is from the other end:

I see that even in this shot I didn't get the whole width in the picture! I'd like to get a single picture of the whole quilt but haven't yet figured out how to manage that. You'll notice that the blocks are grouped according to their predominant color. I made one extra block to fill out the middle polychrome section. I used my collection of black and white prints to make the sashing strips. I thought I would be using a rainbow print for binding but a black with a white line design looked better when it came down to it. Oh, and for the back I made sure to use some prints that had been given to me by other cyber friends, including one that features a lot of women friends. :- )

I confess that I have not put a label on this yet, but it's coming. For now I'm anxious to get it on the bed to see how it looks and feels!


  1. Beautiful! I'm stealing the second shot to put in the F2F gallery as a completed quilt till you can give me one of the whole thing :-) I know well the problem of how to show the whole of such a large quilt. Either you have to find somewhere with a balcony to hang it over, or you have to put it on the ground and photograph it from above. I've got a solution here; we have a very large piece of steel mesh, and I prop it against the side of the patio roof, and clothespeg the quilt to that. It's about 12 ft high, so it does the job nicely, but I have to recruit the Husband to help, as it's heavy!

  2. Oh oh oh! I absolutely love your sashing with those black and white prints! They bring out all the colors beautifully!
    I'm still trying to find a good way to photograph big quilts, too. I'm all ears for any solutions!

  3. What lovely splashes of colour Sue! It will look amazing on your bed I'm sure.

  4. What a gorgeous, gorgeous finish! The only way I've found to get a photo of a large quilt is to lay it on the ground/floor and stand above it on a balcony or bridge -- unless you have one of the collapsible photo stands (that come in a zip duffle) and the space to put it up where the wind won't tip it over when the quilt billows (clamps work to hold the quilt on the rod if there is no hanging sleeve).


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