Monday, June 1, 2015

Let the Swap Begin!

Finally, it's time to officially kick off our Foot Square Freestyle block swap!

For those who may have missed to initial rumblings of this event, Kate (talltalesfromchiconia) and I are hosting an international block swap with ten other participants. We will each make three 12" blocks (each block is a square foot = Foot Square) per month and all those blocks will go to the designated recipient for that month. The giftee gets to state her color preferences but we get to choose the blocks we'll be making for that month (that's the Freestyle part). The ones I make will very likely be simple and traditional but there are a couple of expert needlewomen on the list who may blow our socks off with their offerings. We will all be doing out best work of course, and holding good intentions while we sew. Kate and I will be posting pictures of all the blocks so everyone can see what has been produced. We hope to eventually post pictures of the finished quilts too!

Esther, who lives in The Netherlands, is the lucky one to receive June's blocks. She has asked that hers feature white, light gray, or cream backgrounds and jadeite, coral, and/or mustard hues. The question now is, which blocks to make for her?

There are so many to choose from! Not just these, but blocks I haven't tried yet or haven't made lately. The possibilities are virtually endless. :- )


  1. I started playing with fabrics yesterday, a lot of fun! The challenge is mostly working with a colour scheme that I would not come up with myself. Not sure yet what kind of blocks I'll end up with either. Probably not too traditional because I like to improvise.

  2. Isn't it exciting! I love that heart shaped block, myself, and the pink and green star.

  3. Oh yes... the most difficult (beside sewing the blocks together with accuracy) is to make final decisions which block patterns to combine with whivh colour scheme... I'm glad I participate... it is a joyful challenge and I hope we all have a lot of fun during the next 12 month.

  4. Thanks for doing all the hard work with Kate to get this off the ground. You really are a pair of stars! I'm really excited to be taking part :-) Avis x

  5. Not a thing wrong with any of those, and I love to make new blocks, too. That's a real advantage to the freestyle part of the swap.


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