Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy Morning

I couldn't resist moving my Depression-era repro blocks around some more (see previous post). Instead of grouping the yellow blocks in one spot I tried stretching them out along a horizontal line.

Then I thought it might be interesting to try an asymmetrical arrangement.

After living with this arrangement for a while I decided it was just too lopsided for comfort.You can see that by this time I was working all the way out to what will be the final width of the quilt, 54 inches. It really just boiled down to color placement by this time. I returned to centering the yellow blocks and keeping the Hole in the Barn Door blocks all in a line down the middle of the top.

At that point it became a matter of tweaking color placement and dealing with the corners of the outer border. I only had to make a couple of Shoofly blocks to get something I was happy with.

The quilt should finish about 54" x 66." I found a piece of pink chambray from long, long ago that works perfectly for the back (without piecing!). The original Pinwheel blocks and a few Hole in the Barn Door blocks didn't get used. They have been added to the Parts Department for future use. There are still scraps of a couple of the Depression-era prints to deal with but for the time being I've salted them back into the stash. I want to play with other colors and prints now!


  1. It reminds me of a lighthouse with a golden glow around the top! I like this final layout best, glad you took the time to fiddle around a bit more.

  2. Lighthouse was my first thought too! The symmetry is so much better and the shoo fly blocks are the perfect corner touch. Your perseverance paid off.

  3. And that is really, REALLY pretty!

  4. luv the composition and the colors! I usually like very bright and wild improv work but this is soo calming and restful-beautiful!


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