Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tulip Banner

I've been having difficult days again. I can show you the table runner I recently completed though!

This was the commission I spoke of in this post. It ended up being about 16" high and 78" long. Figuring out how to handle the dark side was a struggle but the white side was fun to create. Here's most of the that side:

The star block is dead center in the length of the banner. In the detail shot below you can see the quilting my son did on the Handi Quliter Avante long arm machine at the shop.

He took his cue from the white-on-white leaf print I used for the background. He used a metallic green thread in both the bobbin and for his top thread. The quilting shows well on the white side and the metallic thread sparkles on the dark side.

I'm glad to have this done. The owner of Angelsong Retreat Center was pleased with it too, which makes me feel even better. :- )


  1. It's beautiful Sue, you've done a wonderful job, and your son's quilting sets it off. It's always a relief when a "have to" is finished, no mater how enjoyable the task.

  2. That's lovely, and I'm not surprised they're pleased with it. I hope your health battles improve a little soon, thinking of you and wishing you better. K xx

  3. I love this table runner. It's so cheerful and brings me joy.
    Congrats on a job well done.

  4. I already posted a comment via my mobile on wednesday... seems that it was lost in the www... Just want to tell you that I love your tulip banner with it's fresh spring colours! :-)

  5. Thank you to all who have left such lovely compliments! I know Blogger doesn't always make it easy for you to post comments or for me to respond to you personally.

  6. How lovely and spring like. Great quilting pattern for the banner.


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