Sunday, March 15, 2015

Another Scrappy Sunday

Because I just didn't have it in me yesterday! I'll be linking up with the other Rainbow Scrap Challenge participants so you can go see what everyone else has been doing when you leave here.

It felt like I made more blocks than these this week but I only have these three completely yellow blocks to share:

Two 12" Ohio Stars and one 10" Wrench.

I did, however, also make these four 12" blocks for the quilts for my twin granddaughters:

And I have a pretty cool friendship block I made for a member of my local guild:

She identified this block as Maple Star.

There were other small scrappy blocks assembled as well but you'll see them another time. :- )

We have all the players we need for the Foot Square Freestyle block swap to take place now. Woohoo! Soon we'll announce the order in which blocks will be made and sent. Fun, fun, fun!


  1. Your blocks are so pretty! I love the pink/ green combo.

  2. Hi Sue, you had a starry time, making your blocks....until you threw a wrench into the works :) I like the colours in the blocks for your g/daughters' quilts....I have twin grandie girls too.
    Have my email about F2F and the list. Waiting to see what colours everyone chooses so I can make a start. It's very exciting, thanks to you and Kate for organising this for us. Kate will be here at my house for morning tea in a few hours on her way south, always fun to see her and Mr ToC.

  3. Oh, I like that friendship blocks. Maple Star, definitely one to remember. So many great blocks today.

  4. Lovely, such pretty blocks! I'd be very happy to see some of those stars when my turn comes in F2F! Had a lovely time with Nanette this morning, who has the most astonishing scrap collection. We should see something spectacular from her, I think.

  5. Such pretty blocks! I'd be very happy to see one of those stars turn up when it's my turn on F2F! I had a lovely time this morning with Nanette, who has the most amazing scrap collection. I think she's almost decided her colours, and I'm nearly there. Just a few more choices to come, and we're there.

  6. Love your colors and prints. Cool stars.


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