Tuesday, March 17, 2015

F2F: Let the Games Begin!

 What is F2F? It's the Foot Square Freestyle block swap, organized by Kate Chiconi and myself (Magpie Sue). You can read our original proposal in this blog post.

I'm delighted to announce that we have our 12 players for this first F2F. Yippee! My good husband was kind enough to lend us the use of his hat...

and his skills in drawing slips of paper out of it to randomly assign each of us the month in which we will be the recipient of the blocks.

the first slip out was labelled for June, the second for July, etc.

...and these are the names for each of those months!
To recap:

June: Esther at ipatchandquilt.wordpress.com 
July: Annett at knettycraft.wordpress.com
August: Susan at desertskyquilts.wordpress.com
September, ME!
October: Lynn at thetialys.wordpress.com
November: Avis at ohsewtempting.wordpress.com
December: my good friend Christina who does not have a blog
January: Emmely at infectiousstitches.wordpress.com
February: Kim, also blog-less
March: Nanette at stitchandsow-homeandgarden.blogspot.com
April: Kate at talltalesfromchiconia.wordpress.com
May: Pat at quiltsandchemo.wordpress.com

And now we're choosing the colors we want for our blocks. So far...

Esther has chosen white/light gray/cream for background areas and mustard, coral and/or jadeite or a minty blue-ish green for her focal colors.

Annett has chosen white for her backgrounds, and orange, turquoise and green focal colors.

Susan is asking for white with red and/or blue in her blocks.

I want black and white backgrounds with the bright, intense color of the maker's choice for my blocks (think hot pink, lime green, orange, strong yellow, electric blue, etc.)

Lynn has chosen dark gray for her backgrounds and pale gray, white, and turquoise/teal blue (little bits of coral acceptable) for the focal areas of her blocks.

Avis would like bright blues and purples.

Christina has chosen gray and turquoise, the scrappier the better.

Emmely has simply chosen green.

Kim would like off-white or cream backgrounds with turquoise.

Nanette would like soft shades of mauve, lavender, and purple (but not dark or bright purples) with gray.

Kate is looking for blocks with off-white or pale gray backgrounds and black, iron-gray, and/or lime green focal colors.

We haven't heard from Pat yet but as she's at the end of the list we won't pressure her for her choices!

Our three blocks for Esther will be in the mail to her by 30 June. Then by the end of July we'll have sent three blocks to Annett, and so on until finally Pat will have her 36 blocks in June of next year. It will be a long wait for her unfortunately, but hopefully she'll think it was worth it!

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  1. Oops, sorry I was late - I'm terrible at making decisions. I've just left my colour choices on Kate's F2F page - I think.
    Looking forward to getting started and working with all those lovely colour choices.


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