Thursday, November 1, 2012

How Do You Fight the Blues?

With orange of course!

It may not be obvious from these photos, but these tulips will be orange when they open up.

I suspect the adhesive the dentist used to hold my new crown in place is off-gassing in my mouth and affecting my mood and energy level. This morning I felt the need of some retail therapy. It wasn't until I was back at home that I realized I'd purchased not only orange tulips but also a preponderance of orange prints:

I have no specific plans for an orange quilt. Perhaps this is my reaction to feeling left out of the Halloween festivities this year? There's a yard and a half of the multi-color print on the bottom of the stack above. Maybe it will end up in a quilt with the batik parts I was making a while back.

I also picked up a couple more black and white prints for a project I haven't shared with y'all yet.

Just fat quarters and a half yard piece. I could easily have brought home so much more! Unfortunately, I missed all the sales in my local quilt shop and online last month. These purchases were at full retail. It doesn't take much to make a pretty big dent in the budget at those prices.

I don't know whether I will start in again on the new black and white project or whether I will go through my Parts Department to see what I can pull together for a quilt for a victim of Super Storm Sandy. Don't you wish you just go wrap them in a quilty hug right now?


  1. Sorry about the dentist bit. I suppose we could curtsy and call you Queen? Is there "natural" dentistry out there? Love, Carol

  2. Glad the power of orange is at work in your life!!

    Whatever you choose to do with your b&w, it will be wonderful! You do excellent work with that palette.

  3. Your post title made me smile-a little quilter's joke. It's nice that you brought home some cheer (and some nice fabric). I hope it chases the blues away.

  4. Lovely fabrics. Hope you are feeling a bit better.


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