Friday, October 26, 2012

Still More Sketchbook Project

There hasn't been much going on in this Magpie's Nest lately. Just one of those cyclical slumps. I've been reading instead of sewing. I'm fascinated by the way my left hand feels great one day and I can hardly bear to use it the next. All part of the healing process I'm sure.

Before the slump hit I made a couple more pages for my Sketchbook Project. This one was very simple, out of scraps from my Dr. Seuss and Reading Material quilts.

It may very well end up being the center signature of my book. I've debated whether to hide the lines of stitching on the backs of the pages but have decided to just leave them exposed. Here you can see the back of the house page you saw in the last post.

I began my sketchbook by playing exclusively with black and white prints. There's no way I could keep the color out though!

To make this composition more interesting and/or cohesive I played around with some of the decorative stitches on my sewing machines.

It was after this burst of creativity on my Sketchbook Project that I hit the wall. I kept reaching for something new or different to do on the few pages that are still blank. Nothing satisfied so that's when I turned to fiction. I think I'm just about read out for now so hopefully it won't be another ten days or two weeks before my next post!


  1. My blank book arrived a day or so ago.

    Must get younger son moved and re-settled this weekend. Then the creative process may be able to begin again.

  2. Nice little projects, I like seeing the stitching on the backs, especially the machine embroidery stitches. I hope you recover soon, but in the meantime, reading is a good second choice activity.

  3. I am loving what you are doing!'s too structured for me to play along right now..I have plenty of projects waiting and a current one to finish as it is! thanks so much for sharing the back as well as the front of these!


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