Thursday, August 9, 2012

Variations on a Theme

I haven't touched the Crowns quilt since my last post. It's still pinned and waiting to be quilted. Fortunately quilts are patient things. ;- )

I don't quite have the crown blocks out of my system though. I'd pulled out my batiks to make a fourth 12" liberated star...

And that's when I decided to try out the batiks in the crown pattern. Here's a block with the half-square triangles sewn up but the block unassembled:

I had one batch of blocks sewn up and then ran into some toxins at the food co-op. After that I had some trouble getting the blocks laid out just right. This variation is the same as the top half of a basket block:

This puts me in mind of one I think is called Tea Leaf:

If the top corner were a whole square instead of a half-square triangle the one below could be Bear's Paw or Duck Foot.

My head was spinning with possibilities. Well, and poisons. In the end I had to lay down and sleep it off. I've made a bunch more blocks since then; I'll show 'em to you next time!


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