Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Done and Done!!

I have TWO new finished quilts!

You may remember this strippy string top that I made earlier in the year:

It is back from my long-arm quilter...

And ready to snuggle under...

With a good book. :- )

I've been calling it Reading Material but it may come to be known as The Library Quilt! It's roughly 52" x 74."

The other finish is my black and white Crowns quilt. I quilted this one myself, at home.

Below you can see the colorful binding and a bit of the back. I couldn't get a good image of the quilting stitches though.

They aren't anything special; I just straight line quilted in diagonal rows such that the black crown shapes are almost completely outlined. This is a square quilt, about 58" in both directions.

I'm looking forward to putting these quilts through the washer and dryer to fluff them up a bit. It will be a treat to wrap up in each of these briefly when they come out of the dryer!

And now that these are done, what will be next?


  1. Love that library quilt, Sue! You have been on a such a roll and it is just wonderful to see the variety of projects you've worked on this year! Love that black and white one too! The binding is perfect foil for a complement color!

  2. Congratulations


  3. love the library quilt so much! and the black and white quilt is charming...well done!


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