Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What the Doctor Knew

Hello Friends,
You remember this top?

I always felt that the child-reading-a-book block needed some color.

I finally got brave and dug out a few of the granddaughter's crayons. I also decided to use the book's covers as my label for the quilt. This is the result:

This was all done after the quilting had been done. And now the binding is all sewn down too!

I didn't think to take a detail shot of the binding, sorry. It's a wonderful stripe of primary colors. All the quilt needs now is a good soaking. I had to resort to marking some of the areas that needed quilting. A lot of the chalk has rubbed off but there are areas, on white of course, where it's still quite visible. As long as that washes out I will be very pleased with how this turned out. :- )

I've also managed to pin baste the The Best Seat in the House (see previous post). Naturally I chose the hottest day we've had so far this year to do that job! Now I just have to gird my loins and begin the quilting.

But I also need something to piece for when I take a break from the quilting process. To that end I have cut these text patches in preparation for another quilt for Foster Care.

They range in size from five inches square to 5.5 x 6.5 inch rectangles. This will be another version of the House Top quilt from Gwen & Freddy Collaborate Again, but more controlled this time I think. We'll see. You never know how things will evolve between the start and the finish of one of my quilts!

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  1. I had a class instructor once who used Sharpie markers (fine and regular point) to enhance her work -- or permanent Pigma pens ... whatever works.

    My mother used to let us color on fabric, then she'd press it to set the color - we were fascinated by the 'melting into the fabric' part (easily amused, I know)


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