Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shakespeare Auction Quilt Part Two

Sorry to keep y'all waiting so long. There have been ridiculous distractions around here, some good, some nerve wracking. Did you know lonely labrador retrievers are capable of howling for more than six continuous hours? Yeah. Guess how I know.

Anyway, Here's the completed flimsy for the auction for Shakespeare Northwest. It will finish at 60" x 72."

Here you can see the border print better. And the dandelion print too!

Here's another detail shot, just for kicks.

And this brown calico will be the back (it's darker in person).

My thinking is that when the quilt is used for seating at performances in the Black Rock Amphitheater any dirt won't show so much. ;- ) [all seating is bring your own]

To that end I've also decided to call the finished quilt The Best Seat in the House.

Meanwhile, on another front, DD and I had a pact not to exchange Mother's Day gifts or cards this year. That is until she came across this plastic Mardis Gras necklace that had my name on it.

I also happened to be in need of another tin for storage in the studio and mentioned it to her. She dashed into her house and returned with these:

She said she'd been planning to hold onto them until my birthday. Oh well, they'll help me have a happy Mother's Day anyway. :- ) I hope all the mothers out there reading this will have a happy Mother's Day right along with me!


  1. Lovely quilt and posting at all is better than never! Love your fun gifts!

    Hubb built me an arbor..on my blog post from two newest chickens bottom right on it. I love how I managed to catch the light in the photo..that made me so happy!

    I'm so lucky ;) I got two more chickens for Easter from my daughter..just what I needed haha. And your dog? I have an almost 18 year old cat who could not only keep him your house, not mine..but might even win the talent contest. She bleats. Non stop. Feline dementia. Of course, she would be mine. Oh my...pets! One of these days it will be me bleating and cackling. Are you going to whine or woof?

    Happy Mother's Day to the cool mom that you are !!!

  2. Love your auction quilt! And that's the perfect name - love it!

    Your new necklace is so you. hee hee! And cute little tins. You can't go wrong with Mary E. designs, in my book.


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