Thursday, July 21, 2011

Poor Reilly

Something spooked Reilly early this morning. I think there might have been a crash or some other accident at the intersection near our house. Reilly probably heard it and didn't know what it was whereas it just woke me up and I didn't realize it had because it was about the time I normally get up anyway. He skulked out of the bedroom and wasn't all that anxious to go outside when I finally got out of bed. In spite of the rain he stayed outside much longer than is normal for him.

It's been a couple of hours now; he still hasn't come back to this end of the house. This is the same dog who is cowed by a housefly. I seem to attract psycho dogs.

I finished sewing up the Disappearing 9 Patch quilt top:

The star print to the right in the close-up below will be the backing for this quilt. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to use for binding at this point. Maybe a scrappy binding since there's so much going on in the quilt anyway. May as well add to the madness!

My friend Heather is going to quilt this for me. It will be donated to our local Foster Care program.

Yesterday I played in my scraps a bit. I sewed some of my smallest red bits together until I had enough to cut patches for a 12" Hole in the Barn Door block. Then I made this:

Not sure what will become of it but it was fun to do. Kept me out of trouble nearly all day too. ;- )

As it turns out, there was an accident about four in the morning at the intersection near our house. A teenage driver no doubt took the curve too fast and rolled her car into the neighbor's wooden fence. She was okay but her two passengers were taken to the hospital. While I slept through it all Reilly must have heard the whole thing and didn't have a clue what was going on.


  1. Very fun backing for the disappearing 9-patch quilt.

    GREAT fussy cut block!!

  2. What a lovely quilt to donate to the foster care!

  3. love your scrappy and fussy cut block!!!

  4. Love the block and quilt! Poor Riley- hope he's back to himself.

  5. I love your skeleton block, and your disappearing 9-patch quilt came out beautifully! Your selection of charm patches is really nice.

    Your story about the purple house is so sad. It's a good thing we can play with fabric to balance out the monochromatic parts of our worlds.


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