Sunday, July 10, 2011

Between Projects

What a morning. The dog next door has been howling since six, with maybe an hour of silence between nine and ten. It's eleven now and he's back at it again. He howled yesterday and the day before too. I finally called the authorities yesterday when it looked like no-one had been home all day. Someone showed up, mowed the lawn, and apparently they're gone again. Poor lonely dog.

I have been on hiatus from sewing for several days. I'm not ready to tackle the quilting of either of the flimsies I've recently made and I haven't quite decided what I'm goint to make next. I don't think I ever showed you these random blocks I've made out of scraps though.

Most are six inch blocks. I'm making the flying geese units as a Between Seams* project, using a 3.5" x 6.5" rectangle and two 3.5" squares to create them. The Broken Dishes blocks (immediately under the row of hearts) are made from the offcut triangles of the flying geese units. Occasionally I will make a Pinwheel block instead of Broken Dishes out of those triangles as they use exactly the same pieces.

This is the latest batch of these random blocks. I'm running out of the rectangles and will have to spend some time cutting up scraps soon!

*Between Seams is the same thing as Bonnie Hunter's leaders & enders. Just something to sew between the seams of other projects to keep the chain piecing going. In this case I expect to have a very scrappy Flying Geese quilt of my very own someday. :- )


  1. All kinds of interesting blocks! I love the way you have organized your blog.

  2. Sometimes it's great fun to just sit and sew and "play with blocks". Fun blocks . . . they look like you've been having fun!


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