Friday, February 25, 2011

Weather Report

I think I'm beginning to recover from my most recent bout of toxic attacks. (Keep your fingers crossed!)

We have had a significant weather event this week. This won't be a big deal to anyone east of the Cascade Mountain Range but around here it is. This is what it looked like Wednesday morning:

When I looked out the window everything was virtually the same color. It was snowing when I took the picture but the flakes were so tiny and so fine they don't show up. It snowed all day, sometimes heavier and faster, sometimes just a few flakes. This is another shot from early in the day, just for persepctive:

We may have had a total of six inches. Half of it melted away when the temperatures warmed up in the afternoon. Then another storm front came through. I believe it must have snowed during the night and then it just kept on snowing all day yesterday. This is what we have now:

We may have 12 inches. Other areas around us have up to 20 inches! At least the sky has gone from gray to blue again.

And I don't have to go anywhere. :- )

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